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2019 General Election

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Presented by Value Voters USA, this video should be shown in every church and home group in Washington State. If you have any influence, please show it in your church, class, or home group once this summer and again in September and then again the last two weeks before the election. It's powerful and makes an excellent presentation!

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Pastor Joe Fuiten

After serving Cedar Park Church for 34 years as the Senior Pastor, he is now serving in the role of Pastor Emeritus. Joe is the former president of Washington Evangelicals for Responsible Government, founder of Positive Christian Agenda and of the Committee for Religious Freedom PAC, and serves on the board of directors of Family Policy Institute of Washington. He has established an organization of eight branch churches, Washington State's largest private school in five locations, a funeral home, cemetery, mechanics shop, day camp program, and state-licensed counseling center in several locations.


Please email us with any candidate recommendations from your area, including the office sought, the candidates' district and position (if a House race) and your justification for asking for Pastor Joe's endorsement.